Mes crèmes de la crème

I think the title says it all in this post. I was in my bathroom and noticed my pile of favourite face caring creams and figured “why not share those with my fellow bloggers”. Since I was in my early twenties, I’ve taken up a habit of taking really good care of my face. And to my own humble opinion, it really shows. I’ve never had any acne, just a zit every now and then (which is perfectly normal, I suppose). My skin is rather smooth and I insist it’s because I’ve been using all these wonderful creams for so long now. 


Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer

Without a doubt, I’m a big fan of Clinique. Years ago, I got my very first Clinique Super Recue Anti-Oxidant Night cream. It comes in a tube. I was really happy with this product, only when I returned for a second one, they didn’t have it in stock anymore.
But they did recommend the Super Defense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer to me then. So I took this one home and haven’t jumped ship since. I think it’s my third jar by now. It’s a white cream and it comes with a lit that you can take off and put back on. This is very useful because sometimes these creams tend to change colours around the edges of the jar, which sometimes looks very messy. But if you put the lit back on after you’ve used it, it’ll remain nice and neat. Also, whenever I use it, I dip my fingertip in the cream that’s stuck on the lit, that way I don’t have to put my finger in the jar every time, which may be more hygienic. There’s not much I can say about this cream. It does what it’s supposed to. I use it on my face and neck. And you really notice the difference afterwards, as you your skin is moisturized and therefor remarkably softer. I do watch my forehead though, and make sure I don’t put too much on there, as I have a tendency to getting a greasy T-zone.
I just recently noticed they have a new one out and changed the name to Super Defense Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 20. I don’t know if they’ve actually changed the formula or if they just changed the name, but I think it’s about time I used up mine and got a new one! :-)

For my puffy eyes, I use Clinique’s All About Eyes. This comes in a cute little mini jar and the cream is salmon coloured. I use it at night before I go to bed and I love that it leaves a really silky feel around the eyes. It really does help lighten dark circles under the eyes and I believe in general, it feeds the skin as well because it looks much healthier and much more clean, to my opinion. You only need a tiny amount (only a pinky tip) as it rubs out quite nicely. 

Yves Rocher

For a night cream, I use Yves Rocher’s Sérum Végétal nuit. It comes in a nice red jar, is light pinkish coloured and smells really nice of apples. Just like the day cream, it leaves your skin moisturized, nice and smooth and healthier looking! I think in general, night creams are very expensive. And I hate to spend my money on things that I’m not sure of work.  But at Yves Rocher’s, they work with “petals”. It means that every time you buy something you get points (or petals) added to you customer card. And once you have more than 3000 points, you get to choose one free product from the store (no matter if you pick something really cheap or very expensive, it’s completely your choice!). And so what I do, is I always pick my favourite night cream. Although its price is quite reasonable compared to other night creams (I believe it’s something of around 28 EUR --- I’ve seen some of around 150-350 EUR!!), I’m always really proud of myself for getting it for free this way! :-)

Dior Hydra Life Crème Sorbet Pro-Jeunesse

The last one comes with a funny anecdote. It was actually a gift from my hubby when I turned 32 last year. When I opened the present and saw the Dior logo, I was super excited and happy. I was expecting the Miss Dior perfume, which I adore! But then I saw what it actually was, Dior Hydra Life Crème Sorbet Pro-Jeunesse, and what first struck me was the “pro-jeunesse” mention. Did he think I was turning into an old tart and actually needed this cream? I freaked out a little bit, I must say. It hurt a little bit at first. But then I snuck it into the bathroom and used it and I was pleasantly surprised. It comes in a posh looking, rather heavy jar and is white. It’s a body cream. Just like the Clinique Superdefense Moisturizer, there’s a lit that you can take off and put back on.  It’s very rich, yet very light. It actually feels very fresh when you put it on and it smells nice! I use it on my face as well, and it isn’t greasy at all and dries really quickly which is a huge pro! 

So there you have it, my holy creams that are near and dear to me! 

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